Archive Treasure Friday!

The Finnish American Heritage Center has an archive full of wonderful treasures each telling a story of their own. On each Friday we present some of these treasures here on The Finnish American Reporter's website and on The Finnish American Heritage Center's Facebook and Twitter accounts for everybody to enjoy!

The donor for the hat and sword in these pictures was Ruth Holmio Koski, daughter of Dr. Armas Holmio, former Archivist and Professor of Theology at Suomi College, now Finlandia University. The sword and the hat belonged to Dr. Holmio who was a known theologian, historian, pastor and professor and he was awarded with an honorary Doctorate in philosophy by the University of Helsinki in 1974 for his long work in the field of history.

The doctoral hat and sword are important parts of the academic dress of Ph.D. recipients in Finland. The hat is usually black and has a gold-colored emblem of the granting university or faculty on it. The sword used is independent Finland's official civilian sword and it comes with a scabbard and a black or golden holder.